26 March 2015

Addendum: The Fall of Kagul III

Dave (who posted the original pics) has told me that the following house rules were used for the extra models (to the best of his memory).  Hope this helps resurrect some old favourites to the table!

  • Hormagaunts were Stealers you could hit on a 4+, rolled two dice in combat (vice 3) and subtracted -1 from the highest.
  • Warriors you could only hit on the sustain, they had Parry and added +2 to the highest roll.
  • Carnifex was like Warrior but need two hits to kill . It also got to add the lowest die rolled to its combat score.
  • Chaplain was a Sergeant with +2 to his combat roll and a 4+ save. (But I've seen some more elegant options to this around the net)
  • Inquisitor was all that, plus a digi weapon that killed anything before it attacked on a 6.

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