14 November 2013

Darth Dux

Another fine evening with the Dux this week, catching up on more than a few beers and an uber-schnitzel at the local, plus a few games of course.  This week was X-Wing, for which Comrade James had kindly lent us his collection of goodies.

After a few slight fumbles from 9 odd months between games, I managed to show him the ropes.  Clearly delighting in the opportunity to say "You Rebel Scum!" every few minutes, he took the TIE fighters and with the Battle of Yavin playing in the background we had at it.  In the first game I cleaned up both his fighters, while he took me cleanly in the second.  At one match apiece we called it a night.

I had forgotten what fun this game it - thematic, quick, 'zippy' and full of flavour.
Thanks for a fun night fellah!