17 November 2013

Bolt Action Games Day

Yesterday the Man Cavers had our first expedition together in a long time , albeit briefly for Paul, to a local Bolt Action Gaming Day. I took my German 21st Panzer Division, a list I've been refining for some time now, and Paul came along to watch and soak up the BA goodness....
We managed to get 2 games in, my first was against a Dad's Army Brit list, 2 platoons with some very characterful figures...you may recognise a few...
LCPL Jones and his lads charged out of the truck to be met with a withering hail of fire on Turn 4...but more on that later....
The mission was Maximum Attrition, which is essentially 1 VP for every unit destroyed...my opponents list was numerous (18 dice) and each unit fairly brittle, being Home Guard after all...they managed to account for themselves though, and Jones got to prove they 'don't like it up 'em!' before his squad was wiped out...my opponent attempted to stop me shooting up his Pvt Godfrey Medic and accompanying Vicar, but war is hell, and they counted as a VP.....
Other highlights included my Panzer 11 running over and wiping out Sgt Wilson's squad, while my Flamethrower team accounted for a Regular army section that had earlier wiped out my sniper...not before he won the Sniper duel though....
My second game was against the dastardly French, with their two light tanks and two howitzers in an urban setting....in this game, Hold until Relieved, the French were defending a central objective in the town. I didm;t take many photos of that game, as it was at that stage that Paul arrived and I was too busy showing off to take pics (and receive rules reminders from a newly boffed-up Paul!)
The German Hauptman and Veteran Squad dash across an empty street in France.....
After sniping the French Heavy Howitzer observer on Turn 1, I proceeded to score a lucky first round hit with my heavy mortar on one of his 3 infantry squads, reducing it to 2 very scared Frenchmen, whilst my infantry moved house to house up the street towards the objective...an Ambush from one of my squads held back a truck filled with Sengalese shock troops , and they stayed in their truck the remainder of the game...this allowed my Flamethrower Pioneer squad to race up in their Horsch, leap out and flame the building housing the other French infantry unit, their Veterans...this squad all perished in the flames, allowing me to advance onto the objective which I held at game end.
Overall a great day, and good to be with Paul again surrounded by tables full of terrain and dice :-)


  1. Great stuff! Glad you had a blast!

  2. Good times indeed - thanks Comrade!

    Next game of BA vs my Paras eh? :-)

  3. Looks like a fun day out - nice looking games there

  4. T'was fun indeed...and Paul, I look forward to the challenge matey! :-)