09 November 2013

Box of Awesomeness!

Having drooled over online shops and catalogues for most of this year without being able to order anything, I splashed out this week to get myself a big box of goodies.  After much consideration (and the compulsory false promises to myself that I would paint everything before I order anything else) I got range of stuff for a few different projects, including: 

The lovely Renedra Ramshackle Barn set they released earlier this year for my generic 28mm scenery collection. The moulding is wonderfully detailed and crisp.  Cant wait to build this.  Also got another set of Renedra gravestones for my ongoing cemetery terrain project, which I am on track-ish to have completed in January for CanCon.

The new SAGA Expansion was a must for my Dark Ages gaming, though I am still completing my Irish Warband at the moment.    I have wanted a Russ styled warband ever since reading.....novels which are mostly set there, but Dux's fantastic Russ warband makes me gunshy! (see it here)

And I have taken the plunge into Bolt Action, grabbing the Rulebook and a few figures to go with my cunningly prepositioned British Army book.  Well done Comrade James, your evil plan has come to fruition!  Stand-by for the start of my Red Devils 'painting project'.

A March or Die! French Foreign legion boxed set (24 figs including Command figs) by Artizan.  I went for the iconic Kepi and greatcoat models because they are classic.  I figure I will use them in Pulp games, and In Her Majesty's Name - but really its just because I liked them!

I've also learned that there is not much point spending lots of time and effort acquiring, painting and basing figures only to have them damaged, especially when you move every few years like I do.  So I also invested in a new KR multi-case for all of the above.

Thanks once again to Ian Crabb from War and Peace Games for the awesome service and a great job lot!  Its just the first of a few 'welcome home' presents to myself :-)

Note to self - here is a nice video tutorial of how to paint the FFL:


  1. Great stuff! Can't wait to see the barn, I keep wanting to get it just looks like a great bit of scenery in general! Welcome to Bolt Action brother! Looking forward to seeing your British painted up.

  2. Some great choices there, but having thrown a huge amount of money at the Mars Attacks kick-starter I'm having to be very restrained!

  3. Paul, there's a bit of Bolt Action being played at Good Games Town Hall on Monday evenings.

  4. A very nice selection of kit, you're going to busy!