28 November 2013

Above and Beyond

A sobering exhibit at the US National Veteran's Art Museum in Chicago: 58,000 dog tags of servicemen killed in Vietnam, suspended at the top of a two story atrium.  Titled "Above and Beyond", the 10 x 40 foot piece was unveiled on Veteran's day 2010.
The dog tags are set closely, so that air currents generate a wind chime effect.  From below, guides have a system to locate and identify the dog tags of any particular serviceman with a laser pointer.


  1. A wonderful and poignant memorial... There was an interesting doco on the war on SKY last night (Inside the Vietnam War or some such) contrasting the US and Aussie approach to fighting there... quite fascinating...

  2. Thats an incredibly simple (in concept at least) but very powerful memorial. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. That really is rather special, thank you for sharing.