26 November 2013

Bingo at the Painting Table

Need something to keep you amused through endless basecoating or basing?  Many gamers listen to a podcast or two, but last week the Dux and I decided that just wasn't enough - we needed Gamer Podcast Bingo!  We both enjoy Neil's "Meeples and Miniatures" podcast and thus was born...

The Rules!
1. Best played when painting, but play anywhere!
2. Any M&M episode will do
3. Some phrases/events appear on the card more than once, but you can only cross off one box each time you hear it
4. Using a brush loaded with paint to cross allows you to cross off a bonus box of your choice on the main grid game
5. Claim a tactical Victory by finishing a complete line in any direction
6. Full Strategic Victory is won by completing the whole grid
7. Wildcard! events can replace any other box on the grid
8. Be careful not to knock over your water jar when leaping up to yell BINGO!!

Meeples and Miniatures podcast


  1. LOVE it.

    How much will Neil kill me if I play it while we're recording the next non-interview episode?

  2. Shared on my blog - still giggling.

  3. You forgot one of my favorites: "...and various bits and pieces." Love that one.

  4. You could replace one of the generic apologies, with an apology for the delay since the last episode. Or how about pledges to go "monthly" o,r some other regular system?

  5. anyway, passing quickly on, I must admit that this is superb and myself and Mike will be playing it when we do the next podcast recording

    thanks for bringing a smile to my face chaps


  6. You forgot "Mike W mentions his 3d printer" and "Mike H expresses doubt that 3d printers will rule the world by the end of 2017".