18 October 2013

Some interesting stats

Like many bloggers I rejoice in seeing hit counters hit milestones; enjoying the idea that other, similar minded gamers enjoy my humble gaming and hobby related ramblings. While I was away this blog surpassed the heart warming half a million hits mark, but how many of them are truly attributed to human action as opposed to some kind of 'bot' I wondered?

So it was with interest that I looked at my blog stats for the past year, during which my post count was barely a third of the previous 12 months.  I know that many 'bots' hit sites with recent updates - if so, does this perhaps show a truer representation of gamer activity?

Honestly, I just hope that whoever pops by finds something of interest or a link that takes them somewhere they like.  I found this trend of interest though and wanted to share it.  Hits aren't anything really, its the blogosphere community and interaction that I think is fantastic - I missed being part of it while away.



  1. I kid myself by mentally saying that "hits aren't important", but it is nice to get them. Bot activity is a problem and does skew results though. I notice that activity seems seasonable... 'Winter' being the peak and 'Summer' the trough, in a general sense at least.

  2. I don't bother kidding myself. I get a thrill out of every hit and every new member or follower. When someone puts me on a blog list it makes my day.

    I remember when I started my blog I got a huge number of hits in one day which all turned out to be from China and there were way more hits than I had posts at the time. There was another time I got over a hundred hits in an hour which was from some bot site.

    I think there is a steady percentage that are bots but I think the main thing is to keep updating the blog. Has your number of posts dropped off or changed subject? I know that my blog takes a hit when I don't post.

  3. I've read a few articles about "botting". They say 25-30% of all hits are from bots, up from about 5% a few years ago, which reflects what I've seen on my blog.

  4. The only way to get rid of it is to enable "adsense" as Google quickly moves to eliminate any bots which influence their $$$ bottom line ad revenue. However I'm not keen on that....