16 October 2013

Back into the Man Cave

Representative picture only - Paul's Man Cave is unlikely to look exactly like this

So I've been home a few days now and been able to venture back into the Man Cave to start its reconstitution after six months of dust and family dumping in my absence.  Its nice to just walk around and touch my stuff again.  There may have been a couple of packages waiting for me, just to make me feel welcome...

...plus maybe a Blood Bowl Halfling team (minus treemen)...

In addition to sorting out the Cave, Hobbywise I am focusing on:
- playing some Blood Bowl and SAGA,
- painting 15mm Vietnam figs, and 28mm Cthulu characters
- putting together a Brit Para force for Bolt Action
- getting started on my forces for In Her Majesty's Name
- NOT getting involved in the Mars Attacks Kickstarter!
- maybe getting a few figures started for a Dux Britaniarum Romano-British force
As always, my eyes are bigger than my time allocation but what the heck!

I'm also enjoying catching up on everyone's blogs and projects over the last six months or so.  In the interim I seem to have cracked 450 members and 500,000 hits.  Sorry about the lack of festive competition - I'll make up for it at 500 members instead!

And what the heck are all these advertisements at the start of every post on everyone's blogs? Yuk!


  1. Hope you don't see adverts on my blog. Trying. I intend to keep it an Ad Free zone.

    1. Sorry Kiwi - I see then at the top of each post too.
      If you work out how to keep it Ad Free please let me know!

    2. I had a similar problem. I contacted my malware/virus provider. The walked me through some "ad removal tools." Bing! No more ads EVERYWHWERE. Hope you get this cleaned up.

    3. P.S. Looking forward to your "In Her Majesty's Name" modeling and painting.

  2. Welcome back Paul! Hope you are having a great time with the family, the beer and the cave. Looking forward to some mayhem in a couple of weeks.

  3. Paul, if you are seeing unexpected ads popping up in other peoples blogs, I think you have some kind of 'beastie' in your machine. I had something similar a while back and mate figured out what it was an got rid of it... best of luck.

  4. Good to see you back Paul! I am looking forward to seeing your Brit Paras. I would like to do the same!

  5. I plan on being part of most of those projects :-)
    And I WILL be participating in the Mars Attack Kickstarter...I think its my turn! :-)

  6. Welcome back, and not an ocean to be seen from the 'berra! :-)

  7. Sounds like a lot of good plans! Model on!