21 October 2013

Odinn's Champs - Season 3 update

 Berzerker Sven Forkbeard
The Lad has been playing his Norse team in the local ACT Blood Bowl league while I've been away.  Like always, its a season of ups and downs, but he has a few wins under his belt and has some nice development in a few key players.  A few recent deaths and injuries has helped him with team value bloat too, in a fitting way!

One particular rising star is his Berzerker Sven Forkbeard, who with some recent Strength increases is now a ST 5 monster with Block, Frenzy, Jump up, Mighty Blow, and Piling On.  With 18 career casualties including 4 kills (10 this season) he is currently 3rd in casualty standing for the season - nice!  Big things are expected to continue from this young raider (player profile here: http://www.southernvalley.bloodbowlleague.com/default.asp?p=pl&pid=2473)

Otherwise the Champions are 2-0-4 for the season, have the top Division scorer and two players in most casualties.  Not bad so far!

Season's Top Scorers
1profile Fafnir Bearclaw Norse RunnerOdinn's Champions 7
2  Herky WerewolfACT of Violence 6
3  Fluffy Khemri Blitz-RaKhemri Crows 5
-  Knifink the Silent Gutter RunnerMutinrot Flesh-Cutters 5
5  Paul Errin Human CatcherRiver Stir Slayers 4
-  Utti Jaeger Slann CatcherThe Paratroopers 4
-profile Vepar Chaos WarriorAnarchist Angels 4
-  Replacement Thro-Ra 1 Khemri Thro-RaTurner Eternals 4
-  Bella WerewolfPulp Horror United 4
-  Syph Ilys Gutter RunnerBelleville Punching Club 4

Season's Top Casualty inflicters
1  Tomas Torgersen MarauderChaos Theory 19
2  Cadby Nordre MarauderChaos Theory 13
3profile Sven Forkbeard Norse BerserkerOdinn's Champions 10
4  Halfling Shitter BeastmanChaos Madness 8
5profile Choronzon Chaos WarriorAnarchist Angels 6
-profile Geryon Chaos MinotaurAnarchist Angels 6
-profile Angry Agnarr Snow TrollOdinn's Champions 6
8  Fallen Simon Chaos WarriorChaos Madness 5
-  Charlie WightACT of Violence 5
-  Gilim Orcbreaker Troll SlayerCrimson Breweries 5


  1. Norse is powerful bashing team but jet so fragile with that AV 7 all around. Sven Forkbeard really has bashed in some skulls - kudos!

  2. Now that's one true Champion of Odin.
    Good luck with those guys lad!