29 October 2013

Britney Spears scares off Somali pirates

I can see how this would work!

Britney Spears is being used as a secret weapon… to scare off Somali pirates.
Her hits are blasted out to deter kidnap attacks, merchant navy officer Rachel Owens revealed.
Spears’s chart-toppers Oops! I Did It Again and Baby One More Time have proved to be the most effective at keeping the bandits at bay.
Second Officer Owens, who works on supertankers off the east coast of Africa, said: ‘Her songs were chosen by the security team because they thought the pirates would hate them most.
‘These guys can’t stand Western culture or music, making Britney’s hits perfect.’
Ships in the region are in constant danger from gun-toting pirates boarding and kidnapping crews for multi-million-pound ransoms.
In 2011, there were 176 attacks on ships by gangs of bandits off the Horn of Africa. They are such a threat the Royal Navy has 1,500 sailors on 14 warships operating round-the-clock patrols in the area.
Jolly Roger to white flag: Britney Spears (Picture: Getty)
Ms Owens, who regularly guides huge tankers through the waters, said the ship’s speakers can be aimed solely at the pirates so as not to disturb the crew.
‘It’s so effective the ship’s security rarely needs to resort to firing guns,’ said the 34-year-old, from Gartmore, near Aberfoyle, Stirling.
‘As soon as the pirates get a blast of Britney, they move on as quickly as they can.’
Steven Jones, of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry, said: ‘Pirates will go to any lengths to avoid or try to overcome the music.’
He added: I’d imagine using Justin Bieber would be against the Geneva Convention.’


  1. I still say a steady stream of .50cal bullets would be better but Spears is a close runner up.


  2. Poor pirats! But I like the idea!


  3. Glad to see that she is of some use, somewhere...

  4. That's funny. Bieber...that would be taking it way too far.

  5. Well it'd certainly stop me from trying to take over the ships!!!

  6. Brilliant!!! Would certainly put me off!

  7. Alors ça c'est une idée de génie !! ^^

    That !! It's a so genius idea !! ^^

  8. If you really want to drop the 'sonic nuke' have them play Celine Dion (but you might get indicted for Crimes against Humanity).