22 October 2013

Ahoy Comrade James

Having had a week at home focusing on my family, I am now allowed 'out'.  Accordingly, Comrade James beat a path to my door today to catch up over several brews, which was fantastic.  He also gave me a few treats, including my birthday present of the British Army book for Bolt Action.  A clever and cunning chap that one, knowing I'd like to try the game with a view to a Brit Para force.  Nothing like having my somewhat rubber arm twisted!

So next week I will be furnishing myself with the core rules...and maybe some figures!


  1. Rubber arm twisting yep I know that one Oh far to well. He he! Resist if you choose, but don't worry if you crumble I would!

  2. I look forward to your progress Paul! I have some Yanks and Germans to paint up soon too!

  3. LOL
    That's one nice mate you've got there!
    Looking forward to see updates on that!


  4. Mwahahahahahaaaa! My cunning plan unfolds.....:-)

  5. Rubber arms are only an issue if the rubber cheaque won't pay for the shiny new toys. Just got to love paras.