20 February 2012

A Ginger for the Brat Pack

If you haven't seen it before, Tristan from the blog GW Pertinent (and who kindly got tme the swag and figs from Chaos Cup last year) is putting together a Necromunda Gang based on Eldar Harlequins named the Spire Brats. His concept is that the figs are painted by people all around the world and then sent to him.  Its coming along great and he has seven already as you can see here.

Well here you go buddy - this will be number 8 for your Brats!  I went for the traditional loud colour scheme with a quartering style, but made sure the colours were different to the other models.  Then I specifically gave him flaming red hair for the ginger painter!  He will be in the mail this week for the journey from Oz to Canada.


  1. Dude he looks freakin awesome!! Love the quartering :)

  2. Glad you like him Tristan!
    En route in today's mail

  3. Looking excellent. Exactly the same figure as I painted for Tristan, but completely different. Coincidentally my version was very ginger too!