05 February 2012

Rookie League Commences!

Right Stuff's Blood Bowl Rookie season this starts this week, in the ACT Blood Bowl League.  The League runs four Divisions - Majors, Minors, Open (Challenge) and Rookie.  The Rookie division (by definition) has only starting teams so you get a chance to build up some skills and not get destroyed by veterans. 

His first game is against the Necro team "Pulp Horror United" - you can track the team's progress via the link on the left hand side of the page which will take you here - and stand by for match reports here at the Man Cave!  

From the North they Came, the Warriors of Odinn. Their dragon headed ships 
appearing out of the mist to strike without warning. Giving up their previous 
hobbies of fighting, looting, and burning they have swapped their axes 
for Blood Bowl armour to take on all comers and return home with 
Glory and Honour!. 

Under the direction of new Coach "Right Stuff" Reilly, 
the future bodes
 well for these raiders who show no mercy on the seas or on the pitch!

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