04 February 2012

Man Cave makes the finals!

Due to a 5 way tie, voting for Figgybloggy's Best Blog of 2011 has been extended for 5 days...
...and the Man Cave is in the final draw (and in very illustrious company too!)

So get over there and cast your vote, whoever that may be for!: http://figoblogotheque.blogspot.com.au/2012/02/aaaaaaaaargh.html
Again my sincere thanks to those who have nominated this blog, I'm humbled and chuffed!


  1. Jusrly deserved to, well done that man.

  2. It´s a nice thing..but I´ve had a thought about it...1200 plus blogs on the list..and how many bothered to vote!!!!!? less than 5%!!!! I only got to hear about (even though I follow Figo)it cos I got an odd amount of traffic and actually bothered to look, I advertised the event..about a week ago but the voting didn´t go up hardly at all. Good you´ve advertised it ..I´ve done the same :-D