01 March 2012

The inevitable has struck…

Mixed blessings really. Firstly and happily, the Lad has discovered his own gaming buddies at his new school. I felt a bit left out actually, when he advised he was going to to play games with his mates! But great news for him, particularly with me being away so much now. The bad news: yep, you probably guessed it: its 40k.

I suppose its siren song was inevitable really. Fortunately for my wallet, I was able to unearth an old but unfinished project and not only give him the rulebook, but also present him with all the figs he needs for a SM force too. So its back to the future with our Salamander Army. 

Not quite 100 points of painted figs finished yet...
 Much of it needs painting, so I see it as an opportunity to show him the other half of the hobby – and after under and base coating a tactical squad of 10  figs I think he is starting to appreciate the work that has gone into all his Blood Bowl teams!

So we are now working towards a 1000 point force consisting of the following, but I’d appreciate any suggestions for those who know the game better than us!

HQ: 1 Librarian in Terminator Armour (tda, gate, null) 125
Terminator Squad (5 termies, assault cannon) 230
Dreadnought with Multi-melta and CCW 105

Tactical Squad (10SM, flamer, multi-melta) 205, 1 rhino
Tactical Squad (10SM, plasma, lascannon) 190
FAST ATTACK: Land Speeder (multi-melta) 60

HEAVY: Predator (autocannon, 2hvy bolter) 85


  1. It's sad but we all had a go and most of us made it out but have fond memories....

  2. The young enjoy 40k, well hell, I enjoy it also with other things! Heh...good he found some friends that are into the scene that is good. I am sure he will always have a gaming space for you at the table as well!

    Look at one blessing, they are moving to 6th in summer, so you at least saved money of not buying those books only to turn around a few months later and buy new ones again!

  3. There are worse things than getting into 40K. At least he enjoys the hobby, and will still have interest in other games hopefully.

  4. Cast away like an old slipper - I know that feeling! ;-)

  5. 40K is fine :D

    I can assure, not only the young appreciate it ;)

  6. * It's worth 10 points to throw a heavy flamer on the speeder for flexibility.

    * He'll want a drop pod for the dreadnought, MM wants to be in close range.

    * Both tac squads need a ride, the other squad is begging for a razorback (put both special weapons in a squad to camp an objective w sergeant - put 5 bolter chumps in the razorback - lascannon + tl plasmagun is ideal turret)

    * There are 2 schools of thought on giving a powerfist to marine sergeants.
    a) you don't want to cause casualties in CC, because then you can choose to fall back (ATSKNF), auto rally next turn and shoot.
    b) you can get stuck in CC with certain creatures/vehicles (dreadnoughts, monstrous creatures) because you can't wound it and shooting them with bolters does nothing.

    I'd suggest a mix - perhaps give a powerfist to the sergeant of the squad that will stay 10 strong in the rhino.

    * you need a terminator delivery system, walking your terminators into battle won't be a good idea. Land Raider is preferable, or once the dread has a pod, you can add locator beacon to it (just costs points), or give teleport homer to sergeant(s) of tactical squads. That way you can safely deepstrike without mishaps (Mishaps suck!)

    Hope this helps.

  7. Oh dear. Say goodbye to your hard earned cash!

  8. I think all kids start off on 40k nowadays, you could steer him on to other systems easy enough.

  9. It's good to have a variety of minis interests, he'll be fine ;)

  10. Better 40 k than no modelling and painting...and yep..they do have some pretty attractive (and tempting) minis.

  11. Hi Paul,

    From little 40K acorns do mighty historical games grow - or something like that!

    40K - Sci Fi - Near Future - Today - WW2 - you get my drift! At least it is a well developed and supported interest.

    All the best,


  12. Tristan's points are all good. I second most of them, despite having only recently got back in 40K after a ten year absence. That dreadnaught will attract fire from everything in the opposig army in the first turn. Especially if it's armed with a multi-melta. Without a delivery system for it, it's wasted points.

    The only other thing I will say is this:
    I personally favour a devestator squad over tanks. Their smaller targets and, unlike a tank, it's a lot harder to kill five -or ten- space marines with one shot than it is to one-shot a big target tank. Especially if you put your heavyy marines in good cover. Plus the fact the marines can climb and use similar high ground that a tank can't ensures you can see -and shoot- a wide swathe of the battlefield.

    Against shooty armies I field my Devestator squad with the full ten men and use the five normal marines to soak up casualties rather than loosing a heavy or the sgt. Against choppy close combat armies, field the other five marines as a seperate combat squad and place them between your heavy weapon marines and the enemy close combat troops. That way, they have to go through the second combat squad to get their teeth into your heavy weapons. It buys you an extra turn or two of shooting against Orks and Nids especially.

  13. It the old chestnut of you have to play what your mates do. It's no bad thing. My lad will go there soon enough I know, but I'd rather he played 40k than lost interest in my/our hobby altogether at this point. There will be stronger temptations in a few more years I'm sure!