12 September 2011

Warband Progress

You may recall that when we last saw Gizar and the lads, they were licking some rather substantial wounds after the Battle of the Valley (http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/07/battle-of-valley.html).  In fact, only three of the men remained upright as they began to scour the dead and dying on the battlefield in search of their comrades...and loot the corpses of the rest.

Offa the Berzerker was the first oarmate they found.  Dead of course, adding the the ever growing list of frothing madmen who had ended their days in battle with the warband.  Nearby him lay Thrand the Black, slain by a Saxon cavalry.   We sent them to Odin in appropriate style and in Valhalla both surely now reside.

Wasquak and Hlod both survived their wounds, but will not forget them.  Wasquak now has horrific scars which will keep the ladies away even in the darkest of Taverns, and Hlod's hand was forever maimed, reducing his skill with blade and axe  (-1 Pro).  Fortunately for him he is still handy with a bow.

Valaria Olafdottir the Shieldmaiden, and Kol the Duck Slayer both recovered from their wounds with time and attention from the healers.

The Champion Snorri was found laying grieviously wounded, perched atop a pile of dead Saxons dispatched by his hand.  It seems he was blessed by Odin or some other God as he made an amazing recovery.  In doing so he seems to be more restless than before, yet far more aware of his surroundings (gained Scout skill).

In game terms, no Heroes gained sufficient experience to go up another level, and for the Victory against significant odds the Hersir's  Renown is now 19.  The Lads are planning another raid shortly, but first we are off recruiting for more Berserkers (they seem to die rather quickly when employed in singles...) and maybe a Godi to take care of the spiritual needs of the men.  And sort out these rather frequent funeral events.


  1. Very nice sumery of your warband "progress" Valhal can never have to many heroes ;) I hope the Gods are with you on your next raid.

    Best regards Dalauppror

  2. Very good warband report Paul. Great picture you have posted too.

  3. I like the recovery of men and a little history of wounds and scars, gives them purpose and a heart.

  4. Good developements in your campaign hopefully you'll find some men to fight who are a bit better with a sword.

  5. Good on you for keeping the warband going. After a mauling like that, I know plenty of gamers who would've given up.