04 September 2011

My 4 Bs on Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day here in Oz and I enjoyed it immensely with four Bs:
- Breakfast in Bed made by the Lass and the Lad
- A BBQ Lunch with my In-Laws
- Beer (Man Cave Brewery products of course), and
- Blood Bowl! (he didnt let me win though...)

Hope everyone else out there had a great day too!


  1. Father's Day in NZ too. Glad you had a good one Paul.

  2. Happy Father's day Paul, but the lad beating you at Blood Bowl is of your own doing :)

  3. Well done to the Lad!

    Happy Father's day in OZ.

  4. Happy Father's Day in OZ! I was born on Father's Day in the US.

    Sorry you lost your BB game, but you are playing a tough team. I just started work on my Orks custom team and should be posting on my blog pics soon of WIP.

    Don't drink too much beer!

  5. Happy Fathers Day!! Fathers Day's in June in the UK, wonder why they're on different days??

  6. Nice to be spoiled for the day! still Sunday here so Happy Fathers day!

  7. It the Blogspot reader it cut the fourth item as "-Blo..." which made me wonder what strange direction the blog was going to go.

  8. Thanks all!

    Maybe that's why he is beating me Styx! And yes Dan, another bitter-sweet moment of my own making :-)

    Dunno, just one of those things Ray

    No, no vampyric tendencies for me in real life WQRobb!