17 September 2011

Rescue the Princess - Part 2

Part 2 of a recent Dark Ages battle we fought.  Find Part 1 here: http://tasmancave.blogspot.com/2011/09/rescue-princess.html
Our Saxon nemesis Lord Uhtred make an unwelcome reappearance.
When we last left the stouts men of the Vik, the Lad's warband were strongly engaged at the village, my lads were rushing the Tree of Woe, and  Ken's were advancing on the old Roman ruins.  As it all appeared to eb going the Vikings' way, Saxon reinforcement appeared.  These were no peasant levies, these were Saxon Huscarls ready and eager for battle!
And more Saxons appear to the South!
The race was on! The Lad had to consolidate in the village, while I had to get into the Tree of Woe before my escape route was cut off.  My Champion challenged the Saxon Guard Captain and dispatched him in single combat, to roars of approval by the other Lads!
Little Pig, Little Pigs, Let us come in!
In rushed 6 of my lads - 3 went up, to check the tower, 3 went down into the dungeon.  Outnumbered, the rest formed a shieldwall to hold off the Saxons.
Where art thou Princess Lucky?

Ambushed by Saxons as they climbed the tower, two of my men were cut down by guards yet didnt find Princess Lucky.  Apparently the stories of hiding princesses in the tallest tower havent been written yet.  The other warriors who went down into the basement had better luck, cutting down the rest of the guards for the loss of one Norseman and retrieving the Princess (though she was perhaps more homely than expected...)

The battle at the village raged on...
...and on..
In the end the Saxons at the village broke and ran when their great hero Uhtred was cut down in front of them by the lad's Hersir, Gizar the Ironic.  It took quite a bit of convincing, but eventually we persuaded the Lad the ransom Uhtred back to the Saxons for lots of silver.

With the Saxons running, the Princess found, the Church looted and the village ripe for plunder, the battle was over and the looting began.  The Viks lost modest casualties but achieved all their goals.  Thanks be to Odin!


  1. Looks like another great game. Turns out there are a lot of closet dark age gamers at my loca gaming group. Impetus seems to be a popular choice, but I have a fair incling that a few Age of Blood games could be on the cards as well.

  2. Nice work by you and the lad Paul. Lovely photos of your troops and scenery.

  3. Another glorious victory for your men. But was she worth it? :)

  4. "What!, the curtains?"
    Excellent looking game and a lovely looking table...it looks as though the princess has been used as catapult ammo at some point:-/

  5. Great little tussle, nice scenery

    -- Allan