15 September 2011

Rescue the Princess - Part 1

As always, these guys made the most of the situation!

Princess Lucky of Mercia (rumoured to have huge...tracts of land) has been imprisoned by a Saxon noble in a tower dungeon, known locally as the Tree of Woe.  The Viking warbands of the Lad, Ken and I were determined to free her and earn the ransom.

And while we're at it  we might as well also loot pillage and burn the local town.  Its what we do!
(click pics for bigger versions)

All was quiet in the unsuspecting Village...
The Tree of Woe
The morning was quiet and the fog had lifted.  Before anyone could say "Look over there - a distraction!", the Lad's horde entered and with typical Vik brashness decided to charge the defensive walls.  Naturally this allowed Ken and I to creep up a bit more stealthily.
The Lad's motley crew
Nobody would suspect that Ken's Vikings would advance down the road... 
Meanwhile, I took a good opportunity to loot the Church on the way through (I must remember to finish the inside floor)
The sounds of battle echoed through the valley as we crept forward.  The Lad charged head on and fought the desperate fyrd defending their village walls.

Norse scouts check the way forward is clear...
...and wave the rest of the men forward!
Will the Saxons detect the flanking manoeuvre?
Will the village defenders hold out against the savage fury of the Northmen?
Find out in the next installment of "Rescue the Princess"


  1. Good stuff, always enjoy your terrain eye candy.

  2. Great set up! Hoping to see some huge tracts of land in part 2...

  3. Another great scenario. Your terrain is simply amazing! Where did you get the rock walls surrounding the town or how did you make them? The Tree of Woe is great too :)

  4. Hi Dan - got it off evil-bay, exactly as you see it. Made by Arcane Scenery. Have a look here:


  5. Age of Blood certainly looks fun. Have you found a way around the Viking-centric army lists?