29 September 2011

Man Cave to run Participation game at CANCON 2012

Thats right - The Man Cave Gamers have been accepted to run a participation game at CANCON in Jan 12!  It probably wouldn't take a brain surgeon (or a rocket scientist I suppose) to guess that it will be a Dark Ages skirmish game, with players running about with Viking warbands pillaging a not so poor and not so defenseless Saxon village.
Daisy the Dragon: CANCON's iconic symbol
CANCON is the Annual Gaming Convention in Canberra, held every Jan around the Australia Day holiday, and its one of the largest held in Oz.  I've never run a game in any style of convention before so I'm really looking forward to the fun and challenge of this - even though its less than a month after I move house!

Find out more about CANCON 2012 here:


  1. Great news. What rule set are you using? Age of Blood I hope. Looking forward to the report.

  2. Congrats looking forward to seeing what you put on. To bad I live several thousand miles away or I would attend :)

  3. Good Luck !!! Would realy like to participate...but it is a little bit to long from Stockholm to Canberra... My first convention journy got to be to Salute...might hapend next year...

  4. Good luck Paul with everything including the move.

  5. Oh good stuff mate, if I can come up I will do so, otherwise good luck with the venture.

  6. Awesome. CANCON is a great event. Fond memorys of playing FOW at CANCON 2010.