24 February 2008

NVA Rifle Platoon Review

As much as I have enjoyed my USMC platoon and want to keep going with the leathernecks, I think its time to start the NVA. Again I'm using Flashpoint figs and the first Rifle Plt has been cleaned up and undercoated (in black). Time to do a little review of whats in the blister:

NVA Riflemen from Flashpoint's now defunct site
First impressions:
Good quality figures, dynamic poses but not as varied as the USMC figs I dont think, moderate levels of flash so some cleaning up required. Figs are quite detailed, but again not as much as the USMC figs (not that the NVA carried as much stuff). Generally very sound

What you get:
42 figs - and because I got them on sale, thats less than Aus 50cents each - cant argue with that!

All in classic Vietnamese sun helmets and armed with AK-47 unless otherwise specified:
1 Bugler, playing
1 Phone operator, kneeling
1 Kneeling scout
2 running, port arms
4 port arms with RPD LMG
2 standing with SKS rifle
2 walking riflemen
4 aiming RPG on shoulder
7 Running riflemen (2 poses)
4 Squad Leaders right arm raised
4 leaders with left arm raised
2 leaders, hand on hemlet
8 riflemen firing (2 poses)

The downside:
One of the leader poses is poorly done and the 2 halves dont match well, requiring a bit of file work. Overall, the figs are good and the price certainly was right, but I dont think they are as good as the USMC figs....or maybe all the detail on the Marines just spoiled me. Either way, these guys will make good opponents and they certainly have a dynamic range of poses.

More WIP pics to follow.

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