03 February 2008

Flashpoint Mainiatures relocating

Here is the official line on whats going on with Flashpoint Miniatures:

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We will begin firstly with a very happy New Years to all of our friends, families and supporters...

Well 2007 has come and gone and what a year it was... a big one for all involved no doubt, and with 2008 in its infancy an even bigger one is looming this year.For Flashpoint Miniatures it has been a year of trial and error, growth and experience, trial and tribulation. We have all learnt a lot in the process and have tackled each challenge as it has presented itself. 2008 is going to be a big one for us.

In February 08 Flashpoint Miniatures will be leaving the shores of New Zealand to relocate in the warm sunny state of Western Australia. This decision was the culmination of many factors including business opportunity and growth as well as personal oppportunites for Anton and his family. No solid plans have been set in concrete for the anticipated duration of the excusion but it is expected that we will remain in WA for a minimum period of three to five years. It will be an exciting and challenging move into the future but one that will see Flashpoint Miniatures itself going into minor hiatus for approximately 6 months, during which we will still be further developing and consolidating our current ranges and continuing to work on the concepts and plans that we have in the pipeline for late 08 and 09.

Flashpoint Miniatures website and forum will remain active for some time yet but our online purchasing facility will be going offline at the end of January 08 as will our ability to continue to support our retail network. Effectively we will be temporarliy closing down our operation until suitable production premises have been obtained our current plant and machinery relocated and our new machines purchased and trialled (this includes our long awaited resin casting plant)

Flashpoint Reloaded Vietnam our second major release will herald our new opening once we are systems ready (this is at present anticipated in last quarter 08).

I would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported us through our development and look forward to rekindling the fires of Flashpoint Miniatures later this year...

Warmest regards
Anton Ducrot
Flashpoint Miniatures Ltd

I think it will be good news in the medium to long term, and in the meantime I have a chance to get ahead on painting the things I have already bought from him before I go into another shopping frenzy! Note also that the Flashpoint Miniatures website is now offline.

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