17 February 2008

Company HQ, US Injured and KIA

I finally got around to completing my USMC Rifle Company HQ, which is only made up of 2 stands - the Captain and 'Gunny'. To differentiate the CHQ stands from the 3-man Platoon HQ stands, I used the larger sized stands (Pacific Themed resin bases by Battlefield Accessories, same as the rest of my USMC force). Figs are by Flashpoint Miniatures from the USMC CHQ Blister:

Amusing ancedote - there was a real MIA incident when I dropped the figure tray while was varnishing. The Gunny's stand was most damaged and the Medic fig rolled into the bush. It took about 20 mins of concentrated effort (including the kids) to find the poor guy (he was wearing camo after all), but in the end he was reunited with his buddies!

I also did a selection of WIA and KIA figs, again from the Flashpoint Miniatures USMC CHQ Blister:

I also spent a bit of time glueing thin steel sheeting to the bottom of all my USMC bases, and putting magnetic strips into my storage boxes (a neat tip from my mate Owen). At least that way I wont have them all broken and/or bent out of shape next time I move house.

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