02 February 2008

M48 Project, Part 1

You may recall that I recently took delivery of two M48s from Peter Pig's range, which has previously been reviewed at Eleven-Bravo site (http://www.eleven-bravo.co.uk/reviews/figures/peter-pig/m48a3.php) and I can only concur his comment that this model is good value for money. I like nice weighty vehicles!

The seven componets fit together nicely with minimal fuss. Only a small bit of putty around the gun barrel was needed and a few extra bits of baggage was added from the Skytrex Accessories pack (15mm WW2 range). I left the turret and cupola seperate so they can be trained as required on the table, and undercoated the lot with a black spraycan. No pics of this as it looks like...just a black tank really!

A base coat was applied using product I've just found - Testor's Olive Drab in a spray can. I did 2 light coats. which gave a nice look overall but was a little light for my taste.

A light wash followed, using Tamiya IJN Green watered down to about 20%

And a then a few highlights were added by mixing some white to Valleho Olive Drab

The textured base is from Battlefield Accessories range (same as the bases I used on my USMC figs) - pack Vehicle Bases 2. So far its sprayed black, drushbrushed with Tamiya Dark and Flat earth in succession and the rocks painted Slate Grey.
Now to get on with the detailing, weathering and finishing off the base!
More to follow....out.


  1. That's looking really sweet, I'm working on one too, they go together good, as you say.
    I'll take some tips from your work.
    Later - Mishima

  2. Thanks Mishima, hopefully I'll get it finished very shortly