13 February 2008

New Purchases

I've just acquired one of the old Revel 1:100 scale AH-1 models, which has previously been nicely reviewed at Eleven-Bravo here: http://www.eleven-bravo.co.uk/wargaming/crossfire/revell-ah1g-gunship.php

My only complaint (and its a minor one) is that the model comes only with decals for US Army insignia and not USMC options. I'm sure that can be resolved in short order. I also got a pack of Peter Pig's Huey Crew pack - the crew will be used in the Cobra, the door gunners in my diecast Hueys and the seated grunts on a few vehicles. If my Cobra comes out as nicely as the one in the review I will be very happy indeed.

In other news my mate Lucky is picking up a stack of Vietnam style terrain we ordered from Miniature World Maker (he had a sale on recently and we aren't made of wood you know...) so they will be reviewed here shortly.

I've also started on my second M48 tank. I'm doing it in exactly the same fashion as the one I finished last week so I'll just post pics of the completed vehicle.

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