03 September 2021

August Hobby Roundup

The lockdown across most of Australia has taken a toll on face to face gaming for the most part, but its been a productive month regardless, with isolation assisting.  First up game wise was the "Port Jackson Isolation Blood Bowl League" which saw Reilly pit his Blood Marsh Maulers (Chaos Chosen) against my Darkland Decimators (Chaos Dwarves). Starting from a scratch start we played 10 games to develop them into brutal machines (admittedly his was a bit more terrifying though).  The head to head Minotaur matchups were particularly fun!

Naturally, our local Blood Bowl League is on hold, though we did get a fourth round mostly finished before the pause began:

Meanwhile on the hobby front, I've posted separately about starting 3d printing, my Necromunda Enforcers and terrain, and some additions to my Caesarian Roman army.  I'm now finishing off some cavalry to join them (and planning more expansions naturally), and the new edition of Kill Team has just been delivered too...

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