09 September 2021

Caesarian Roman Cavalry

My Caesarian Romans can now call upon Cavalry support in their conquest of Gaul or in the righteous fight against the elitist Senate!  

I finished these off at the tail end of my recent quarantine and have now got them based.

These are metal figs by Warlord with wire spears and hand painted shields.  I deliberately tired to put some variation amongst them to reflect their less regular nature in comparison to the Legions' more rigid organisation, equipment and disciplina

Curiously, these may be the first historical Cavalry I have painted, other than the mechanised kind. Should I expand my Gaul ally contingent in the future, I will likely add a unit of Gallic Noble Cavalry to support them (a classic auxilia role for tribal allies)

A few characters and command stands to come, but with that I have painted all the units I have for this army! For now anyway...  Alan and I are concocting plans to expand our armies to play Soldiers of Rome as well as Infamy Infamy

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