15 September 2021

Caesarian Army on Parade!

Having added a few units to the force in the last month, I thought it time to update the army pics - here they all drawn up in formation ready for action.  Just a couple of characters and commanders left to go in the box (at the moment...)

Currently the force consists of 10 units, being:

5 Units of Legionary Infantry - 3 in white shields and 2 in yellow shields so I can differentiate veterans, auxilia, inexperienced etc

1 unit of Roman Cavalry

1 unit of Gallic tribesman allies

2 units of auxiliary archers

1 scorpion bolt thrower 

They are all Warlord figs with LBM shield decals on the infantry and cavalry shields hand painted. I've sabot based for use with Infamy Infamy, though with solid plans to experimenting in other rules sets also.  We are blessed with so many great rule sets at the moment (Soldiers of Rome, Impetus, Hail Caesar, and WAB amongst them), so this was a key consideration for me. As a result, all the close order style figs are based on 20mm square to give options. I am considering doing some group basing on 50mm square for future expansions though, to add some character and dynamic feeling. 

Finally, this army was painted over two sets of quarantine, so I know that it was finished in 28 days :-) Thanks to Comrade James and Alan for providing some push to get these ready.

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