26 November 2017

"Why do you come to the Land of the Zulu?"

Massed warriors (around 350 of them)- how a Zulu Impi should look!
This is a post some 24 years in the making! Some time ago I quite enjoyed Colonial gaming and the Zulu War was my conflict of choice.  Some mates and I put together armies in 15mm and had a great time.  Early in 1994 I had a major life change and the figs were packed away.  I've since moved house some 18 times and the figs have remained opened; the awful noises that came from the box made me shy away.  Then last week when there was interest at the club abut doing some Colonial gaming and I realised I (might) have all the figures.  Depending on how they fared at least.

Here is what greeted me once I plucked up the courage to open the Zulu Box...
The Horror... The Horror...
And after 23 years this was the sum total of damage - other than bent spears and knoberries which needed reshaping

The vast majority of these figs, if not all, are from Essex 15mm colonial range
I love the warrior in the bottom right corner wearing a captured British flag as a trophy!

And if one of going to cross the Buffalo River into Zululand, you need some terrain to fight over right?

Semblance of a small veldt hamlet named after an Irishman
British tentage and a Kraal
Next Up: The British and their Boer allies.


  1. Wow! Looks like you had no need to worry about damage after all Paul. That is a pretty good looking force, enjoy.

  2. Quite remarkable to consider how little damage has been sustained after so many moves and being loose in the box like that. Kudos to Essex for the resilience of their product! Looking forward to seeing their adversaries.

    1. Amazing really - the Essex metal was easy to (carefully) bend back into place.
      And 2 coats of Testors' Dullcoat was a great investment too

      Imperial forces next!

  3. That must have been some tough varnish!

  4. Well that must of been a very pleasant surprise! They look great!


  5. tehy have stood the test of time well! they must be crying out to be used ! - lets see em on a table soon!

  6. Very nice collection - and they weathered the near-two decades of moves quite well!

  7. great stuff - what rules are you going to use

    1. Good point Eric! We are going to try Osprey's TMWWBK this week using stands instead of figures to get a massed battles look. But as much as I really like Dan Mersey's other rules and play them a lot, I am after an operational level game not a skirmish. I've ordered Battles For Empire 2 and will see how they go.

      Any other recommendations from the Shed?

  8. It’s great to have a force ready to go! Glad to hear they survived the ages.