28 November 2017

"We come on the Orders of the Great White Queen!"

My Imperial Force
As promised, here is the British and Boer forces for the Zulu war.  The British Cavalry bore the worst of the damage to their lances and swords but otherwise this whole thing is a testament to the wonderful Testors' dullcoat - and always use two coats!

The lad helped me build this - my first wargaming video. Its a but self indulgent but it was fun to make

For those who prefer stills, here are the key ones.

24th Foot: The Thin Red Line

The 60th Rifles
Stout lads of the Naval Brigade - with Gatling Gun!
Fire support of the Royal Artillery
Breach loading 9pdr - note the VC on the right most figure (painted on during a game in which this gun, down to the last man, held off and then broke the last Zulu Regiment to claim the day!)

British Cavalry - 17th Lancers and Hussars
Boer Irregulars
Hoping to get them onto a table for some action shortly!
Lord Chelmsford and the senior staff


  1. Very cool mate. Nice to see the Naval Brigade in sennet hats!

  2. Great stuff! I'm amazed they survived so many moves packed as they were. Dull Coat is, indeed, a wonderful thing.

  3. Those are very nice 15s! I like the VC story, well earned.

    1. It remains one of my favourite gaming memories

  4. excellent, good to find interesting treasures. Love the VC

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Dave. Hopefully, we will earn some more down the club soon!

  6. Looking good Paul! And the 24th!! My favorite unit.

  7. Very nice job.
    The Zulus will be terrible opponents.
    Thank you.