12 November 2017

Little Wars Canberra

A few of the club lads climbed into the car today for a road trip to Little Wars Canberra (about 3 hrs each way).  A small show in only its third year, it was nonetheless very welcoming and most enjoyable. Unlike most Australian Cons, this one deliberately has no tournaments or competitive gaming and only participation games (more akin to my experience at Fall In actually).  A great setup that I hope continues to grow in the future.

Great to catch up with Bish of Tiny Tanks (http://tinytanks3mm.blogspot.com.au) who was putting on a game with...well, tiny tanks!, Chris of the Moruya Marauders (http://moruya-marauders.blogspot.com.au) who I havent seen for ages, and talented sculptor Mike Broadbent

Also fantastic to see the ever smiling Nic from Eureka Miniatires (https://eurekamin.com.au) and Drew from Slave2Gaming (http://www.slave2gaming.com).  Bought lots of goodies from each.  Loot confession later (maybe) - here is the eye candy
Striking looking Weird WW1 range in 15mm by Slave2Gaming 

Eureka's "Mad" Maximillion's saloon car - more to follow on that note...

Some of the games:
Command & Colours Ancients with models - great stuff!

Trail Ape's most impressive Hougamont Game using Sharpe Practice 2

An awesome table setup indeed!
Large scale ACW game 

We even got to roll some dice - the four us us participated in a fun and quickly tourney with some homegrown rules.  Great setup with fast furious action!

The boys roll off

The Black Knight Always Triumphs!
Blood and Plunder!

Bish's wonderful looking 6mm Modern game in progress - Fist Full of TOWs III
Bish in Action!

Spanish American War battlewagons in Line ahead formation

Whats a boys' day out without an adult beverage?

Great day out - thanks again to Slowpainter John (http://slowp8nter.blogspot.com.au) for driving!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun was had

  2. A real pleasure to see shows from different parts of the world. Thank you.

  3. That's quite a trek, but looks like it was worth it.

  4. Looks like fun! I'm intrigued by the weird WW1.

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  6. Fantastic - in particular that Spanish American War stuff!

  7. The Spanish-American Naval really caught my eye!