10 November 2017

Kings of War: First Game

My Battle Line is formed
Played my first KoW game this week under the tutelage of club buddy Marty.  We played a big 2 v2 game on my new textured Cigar Battle Mat.  I used my Riders of Doom Dragon Rampant army to build a force for the similarly themed Varangur faction.
John with his wonderfully massive legion of skaven ratkin
The games' afoot!
I found the KoW rules very quick to pickup, though its old style I-go-U-go was hard to get used to again after a long time of not using it!  Its clearly a game about manoeuvre and getting into the right position before engaging.  Refreshingly, it also rewards the use of reserves.
Lines clash!
Disclaimer: This was the first time I've played a "rank and flank" style fantasy game

Dave's lovely new Dwarves in action
The battle in full swing
Overall I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to exploring the system's intricacies more.


  1. Well that looks like seriously good fun.

    1. Sure was! Game mechanics aren't very complicated and its a fun buckets-o-dice style game, which is always good for a laugh

  2. So when can my Savage Orcs face off against your Riders of Doom then hmmmm?

  3. It is an excellent system. I really enjoy it's simplicity but hard to master feel.
    Glad to see you enjoyed it. The Historical version is tops as well.