03 August 2014

Warband Progress Report

Comrade James Reporting: I have now completed 5 pts of my Anglo Danish Warband, ready for a 4pt practice game this Monday against Bish and his Anglo Saxons.
That leaves me 2 pts of Warriors and 1 pt of Hearthguard to go!
The Warband so far

So far the Army consists of 2 pts of Hearthguard with normal weapon and shield, 1 pt of Hearthguard with Danish Axes, 1pt of Levy (slings) and 1pt of Warriors (with a 9th figure in there for fun)
James the Tall with his loyal Hearthguard....

Warriors, with a 9th man...not renowned for their ability to count....

My plan is to have 3 pts of Warriors to draw from each game, and a choice of either 2 pts of Hearthguard with Axes or 2 pts without. And peasants are peasant..the less of those smelly chaps the better.....

I'll post a few pics of the lads in action in the coming days.....campaign begins for real on the 11th Aug....


  1. Great stuff, this warband is shaping up very nicely :-)

  2. Looking great there fellah...and those shields are the business, proud of you!

  3. Great looking warband and they work fairly well in Saga too, the axe hearthguard are a good unit but at 4 models only a little fragile, 3 units of 4 split into 2 units of 6 is a better version but the points are steep.

  4. Chris, sage advice, my campaign units are 12 man warrior and 8 man Hearthguard ...