01 August 2014

Sharknado 2!

SyFy's Shark week continued and I caught such diverse titles as Sand Sharks, Swamp Shark and the innovative Ghost Shark.  But best of all was last night's world premiere of Sharknado 2.

It was everything it promised to be: over the top, cheesy, outrageous and most importantly fun.  If you liked the first movie then this is definitely for you.  If you didn't 'get' the first one, I'd give this one a lot of space :-)


  1. I really need to see the first one!

  2. Not seen the first one yet but looks outrageously silly fun.
    Cheers or should that be Cheese.

  3. Ahhh another classic has been added to Hollywood's Honor Roll. I believe that with the creation of these movies we are at the apex in the development of Western Civilization

    Homer's "Iliad", Newton's "Principalia", Joyces' "Ulysses", and Coppola's "The Godfather" are now joined at the literary summit by SciFi's "Sharknado Series"

    Lets us all hope the cultural geniuses at SciFi have the creative energy to make this a Trilogy - Sharknado III "London Calling"

  4. You have a great point Miles!
    Sharknado III is already in train for next Summer - but which city will cop the fury?


    I vote for London!