29 July 2014

The Warband of James the Tall-Progress Report

Comrade James reporting: I've been progressing the painting of my Anglo-Dane war band for our upcoming Saga campaign, turning them from the Army of Darkness to a painted force.
First up, the smelly peasants:

12 Gripping Beast slingshot Peasants..Denis the Menace..in poo...

My Hearthguard I basecoated with the Army Painter spray ChainMail, as they are predominately chain mail with some cloth peeking out.  Pretty happy with the results after I washed them all with Citadel wash. I had Paul and Dux's voices in my head saying "Real men paint their own shields' constantly as I did my Hearthguard. Still a WIP for basing

My loyal Warlords Guard, with matching shields

SO that's the lads so far, I'll end with a WIP shot of one of my three 8 man warrior units...till next time!



  1. Nice war band mate - coming along beautifully. Really like the colour themes you have going - I know you researched and planned those quite a bit. Welcome to the ranks of real men who paint their own shields!

  2. Looking good! The colours are nice, I like how the peasants don't get the expensive dyed materials. Hand painted shields are definitely the way to go! Decals are far too tricky for real men :-)