19 July 2014

SAGA Campaign-The SAGA of James the Tall and his Anglo-Danes

Comrade James reporting: I'm currently in the process of setting up a 6 player, 5-game campaign of SAGA with Jason D, Bish and 3 of their gaming buddies. This campaign is loosely based on the one Paul and I had planned prior to him learning of his current US posting, and will see us taking 10pts of troops through 5 of the scenarios in the basic SAGA rulebook.

The theme is that our factions find themselves settling a fertile land that is wanted by all 6 factions, but not big enough for all.....we have all set up a village, with supply lines running back to the sea....

As the campaign progresses, we will all be faced with a different opponent as we roam the land, with the war band losing the most territory becoming easy targets for the others....Games 1 and 2 are the Clash of Warlords and Fight for the Fords as all war bands patrol their areas....once casualties are taken, the 3 weakest factions will be faced with their supply wagons being threatened by an opportunistic opponent in Game 3.....after fighting over the newly declared Sacred Grounds in Game 4, the final 3 weakest factions will have their only village attacked by their stronger neighbour. Success and failure of the whole campaign will be determined by the result of the last game. Either we will be known as Conquerors of the (loser) , or Defender of the People...
The others will be banished from history (or at least their dice will be....)

NOT my war band...pic courtesy of War and Peace Games and Gripping Beast minis

I will be blogging the progress of the campaign as it transpires, as well as a short painting blog as I paint up my Warband....
Till then.....


  1. Great idea for a campaign, should work well with a good number of players. We've started a SAGA campaign recently too (can check out our opening games on my blog). Looking forward to following your progress. Cheers, Paul :-)

  2. Looks like fun, and your doing a great job keeping the blog going while Paul is setting up.