09 August 2014

Warband Ready!!

Comrade James Reporting: Well, with just 2 days to go before the official start of our SAGA campaign, I have finished my Anglo-Danish war band!
My army consists of 3 8 man Warrior units, 2 4-man Hearthguard with Danish Axes, 2 4-man Hearthguard with normal weapon and shield, a unit of 12 Levy with slings, and of course, my Warlord.

I've included a before and after pic of the army, from when they were the Army of Darkness in Paul's last game before leaving for the US, till now.

I have to say, I was really impressed with the Army Painter Basing Starter set which I picked up from War and Peace Games, as it lasted the entire army with some left over.I was a bt worried I would;t have enough basing material but it came through, and I could do another 2 units of Warriors if I needed to.

I especially liked the basing material, as it removed 2 time consuming steps in my normal basing process, namely washing then dry brushing the basing sand that I did for all my Bolt Action figures. The material is a good mix of light and dark particles that gets the same look with a single application.
12 man Warrior unit, led by Peter of the Meadows
2nd 12 man Warrior Unit, led by Alfred Euro
8 Man Hearthguard with Danish Axes, led by....instinct
Loyal 8 Man Hearthguard , Warlord's Bodyguards

And of course, some smelly peasants.....

Now I just have to boff up on Scenario 1 in the rulebook, and also what nasty abilities Vikings have, as my first campaign games is Monday night...


  1. Very nice looking army you have there James!

  2. Thanks for the kind words gentlemen , hopefully they fight better painted!

  3. Fully painted warband. NICE!.