24 August 2014

Saga Campaign-Round One Summary

Comrade James reporting: Throughout the fertile lands of northern Britain, 6 warbands have met and clashed for intial positioning, with a few giving ground to their opponents, and others reaching a standoff...Saxons clashed with their Scottish neighbours to the north, Vikings challenged their Anglo-Danish cousins, and two bands of Normans fought upon finding themselves at the same beach landing......

Round 1 of our 6 person Saga campaign has now concluded. You can read about the Anglo-Danish/Viking clash here, but the following sagas were told by breathless messenger from the East and North....

The Norman Armies first clashed to the east just after disembarking from their boat. Eager to prove themselves the better warlord, both Norman nobles formed their armies up hastily amongst the trees and rode to battle....

The Normans of Jason de Fromage

Jason de Fromage charged his mounted Hearthguard forward on the right flank, decimating the rival Spearmen to a man...

A last ditch effort by the Normans of Doug the Frantic failed to stop the Fromage cav from crashing into the last surviving Warriros, leaving the Frantic warlord exposed.

Needless to say, the mounted Hearthguard made short work of the Norman warlord, ending the clash quickly, the remaining Frantic Normans slinking off  into the woods....

Meanwhile, up north, the Saxons and the Scots were trying to show you didn't need horses to look cool....this summary courtesy of Bish..:

Saxons are on the left – from top to bottom:
Ceorls (Spear) x12 in front line, Thegns x4 in behind
Ceorls (Spear) x12 in front line, Thegns x4 in behind
Ceorls (Bow) x12 in woods
Thegns x12 near building, Warlord in behind
Thegns x 4
Scots are on the right – from top to bottom:
Thanes (Mounted) x 8
Doer-chele (Bow) x12, Warlord and Thanes x4 in behind
Soer-chele x 8, Soer-chele x8 in behind

·       The scots moved their levies and mounted hearth guard forward ,    which the Saxons countered, moving forward with levies and warriors.

The Scots’ cavalry charged in to crush the hapless levies arrayed before them but suffered a heavy defeat and bounced. They had clearly under estimated the power of Saxon levies (who had played “Saxon Kingdom” in the Orders Phase, making all levy count as warriors. ) By playing “Clash of Shields” in the Melee phase, the saxon levies got extra attack dice and took down 4 mounted hearthguards for the loss of 3 levies

The victorious saxon levies follow up their success, charging the remaining four mounted hearthguards, unsuccessfully.    The other spear armed levy unit moved up on the left flank, whilst the Saxon Bow levies peppered the mounted hearthguard with arrows, killing two more, and forcing the remaining mounted hearth guards to flee back to safety.
The Scots bows, fired at the saxon levy, killing 3 while their foot hearthguard and warriors moved up through the forest on their left flank, trying to get up to engage the Saxon warlord and accompanying warriors.
The Saxons moved up two small units of warriors (Thegns) on each flank, ready to protect the flanks, flinging javelins at the Scots at the warlord, to no effect.

The Scots warriors and foot hearthguards continued their advance forward and to the left although the Saxon levy charged the Scots archers, and forced them to flee to the rear. Another Scots foot hearth guards fell to the Saxon archers.

After some more ineffective shooting, both Warlords withdrew from the field of battle, the Saxons clearly the victors from the number of Scottish bodies on the ground compared to lowly Saxon peasants.....

As the groups of armed men and their followers move further through the lands to find a settlement, they will all come across the fast flowing river that bounds the region, crossable at only a few places......Round 2 will soon commence, the Battle of the Fords....
Campaign standings have Jason and Bish leading on 2 pts each, myself and John on 1, and Doug and Andrew C yet to get runs on the board......
Matchups for Round 2 are:

Bish (Saxons) vs Jason (Normans)
Myself (A-Danes) vs Doug (Normans)
Andrew C (Scots) vs John (Vikings)


  1. Well done to all the lads - some great games there!

  2. Excellent reports and beautiful looking games. I love the kite-shield fatigue markers for the Normans, nice touch :-)

  3. Great reports. Almost felt like I was there!

  4. Very cool. Pictures and bat reps like this (plus watching Vikings on HC) always tempt me into Dark Ages gaming. Fortunately, I know my limits!