11 August 2014

Next Projects......

Comrade James Reporting: Now that my Anglo Danes are ready for battle, I'll be turning my attention to two new projects.
With the SAGA bug still strong, I'd like to paint up an entirely different sort of war band, namely the Princes Rus. I picked these guys up in a recent 20 percent off sale at War and Peace Games around the same time as Wintercon, and I really like the fact that they are a mounted army with great abilities. I wanted something that would play very differently to my Anglo Danes....
After the Princes, I'm going to embark on a life long dream...a 28mm Roman Army :-)

I picked up the Hail Caesar Rules a few years back, and really like their concepts (being a Blitzkrieg Commander and Warmaster Ancients player waaay back....). I have a Late Imperial 15mm army but not a 28mm one.
My gaming buddy Bish recommended Caesarian, or Marian Romans as he had some as well and if nothing else we could reenact the Civil Wars.....
So here is my Roman Army Project....:-)
I have 72 Warlord Infantry, a box of Wargames Factory Infantry, 6 Numidian light Cav, 24 Wargames Factory German Cavalry, 2 Scorpions and the two heroes as command units. That should give me a 300 pt force under the Hail Caesar rules. I'll start a separate label for this Army as I work my way through, and my goal is to have them ready for next year......stay tuned!


  1. That's some juicy projects to get into.

  2. As one door closes another one (or two!) open! Looking forward to seeing how you get on with the new projects, good to have a deadline of some sort. Cheers, Paul :-)

  3. caesarean Romans, you will enjoy this lot. There are plenty of people out there with the celts to go up against too. I just hope your painting speed is faster than mine. Still got 3 units of Casearians on the table my self.

  4. Looks like you're gonna be busy.

  5. Nice looking project ahead. The Anglo-Danes came out great too.

  6. Looking forward to playing both of these armies when I get back to Oz!

  7. Thanks guys, I've got he painting bug now, gotta maintain the rage ! Stay tuned....

  8. A couple of good choices there James. I like the Era of Princes Rus figures, really nice sculpts. I suspect you will finish your caesarians long before my long running EIR project gets completed.

    1. Thanks John, they will challenge my 'Real Men Paint their Own Shields' maxim ;-) I'll race you for finishing the Romans! ;-)