25 January 2014

Too busy Playing to Paint!

The annual CanCon gaming show is on here this weekend and I have two good mates up from Melbourne staying with us.  So its all far too busy playing and buying new shiny bits to waste time painting!  More on CanCon soon.  Good luck to Right Stuff in the Blood Bowl competition and Comrade James in the Bolt Action tourney!
Monsters Menace America - crazy beer and pretzels fun!


  1. On Cancon, hope to hear news of you picking up BG FotR...one of the few items (along with Kursk and Overlord) that I bought on my flying visit through there after the Saturday Farmer's Markets! My other thought (from looking at the stalls) - whether 1/72 is the new black when it comes to WW2 (hmmm, there is a blog post in that).

  2. Great to meet you too at CanCon, Redbubble.com is the name of the t shirt company for the tardis NASA t shirt your daughter wanted.
    Crusade games where great and the MM blog will have something up in a day or too. Cheers Chris

  3. So jealous. Ah well, back to the painting table.