31 January 2014

So very tempted

Its been a long while since I cracked any OGRE or GEV goodies out, but I was very tempted when I saw this 13kgs of awesomeness at the CanCon game show last weekend...
My will power held out though, assisted by an empty wallet anyway!


  1. I admire your willpower sir! I have two copies sitting shrink wrapped in yea olde game room waiting for the summer most likely, I waited for almost two years for the kickstarter to finish, then as soon as I got them the promptly went on the shelf .. lol.

  2. You know you want it, it's really lovely, you want to play it, go on you know it makes sense.

  3. I have it, and I just need more opponents. It's expensive but really well made. Plus Ogre is fun, period.