30 January 2014

CanCon 2014 Demo Games - Bolt Action

The first game we played at CanCon was Bolt Action, put on by David and his sons from the Demo Gamers (who have a great blog here).  My friend Peter and I played the Germans, defending this rather magnificent stone hotel in the middle of the table in a Hold Util Relieved scenario.

David and his sons had done a fantastic job building the terrain throughout the year in preparation, and they had different table for each day.  Scattered about them were some rather interesting pieces!

A different kind of hung up paratrooper from that at Sainte Mere Eglise!

A wondeful scratch built WW1 memorial - inscribed with all the names of Australian VC winners in WW1

Start the ominous Jaws music...
The game saw US forces assault the building (very successfully) while Germans waited eagerly for reinforcements.  Modified building assault rules were used to make the most of the lovely multi room features of the Hotel building model.
US Infantrymen storm the Hotel lobby and start clearing out the German defenders
The German reinforcements came on and forced out the US forces in turn; the assaults were bloody on both sides.  Most successful was our Hetzer who entered the battle, immobilised the enemy Sherman tank with its first shot and dispatched it permanently with its second.
HetzerCam: The US Commander now requires 5 Purple hearts...
Not content with that, the Hetzer then trundled down the road, smashed into the Hotel courtyard and panzerblitzed a US infantry squad at close range, forcing it back just before they gained entry into the building.  Give that Tank Commander an Iron Cross!
A maelstrom of close assaults followed, which left both sides exhausted.  The game was called on time before we got to the end.  With each side only able to muster one or two unshattered units, the game was declared a most enjoyable draw.

Thanks again to David and our opponents for all their hard work to deliver a lot of fun to all players!


  1. An excellent Battle Report! I am glad you enjoyed the game as much as we enjoyed running it.

  2. Terrific looking game. I love all the little scenery easter eggs, very clever.
    Thanks for sharing. MP

  3. Sounded like you had a great game and a great time playing it!
    Thumbs up for all the scenario details (the shark attack is very funny), and the hotel is plain awesome!

    MVP for the Hetzer!

  4. Looks like lots of fun.