27 November 2011

An adventure into Strange Aeons

We had a game day and BBQ in the Man Cave yesterday - the last before the Lad and I move interstate next month, which is a little sad after all the fun we have had here with old friends.  Anyway, Pete has been wanting to try out his new Strange Aeons rules for ages so he brought over his stuff for a game.

The old Robinson house burned down 10 years ago.  A few months ago, on the 10th anniversary of the fire, in which the Master of the house died, strange things started happening in the nearby cemetery and some locals had disappeared.  We were dispatched to investigate...
This wonderful bit of terrain is the "Crypt of Cthulhu" from the Strange Aeons line
The Lad, Ken and I each ran a team of investigators-  I took a Leader and 2 agents: Captain Archibald Haddock (twin .45 pistols), TinTin (Double Barreled shotgun) and Mrs Castafiori (with a Tommy gun!).  The ever faithful dog Snowy accompanied them.  The others had similar teams.

The teams creep forward toward the unknown...

when a creepy character rose up and summoned a horde of Zombies to attack us!  We fought our way clear with vigor and gusto, chased by the Baron and some shambling hordes.  Snowy leapt forward and with a ferocious le growl ripped out the horror's throat!

With the coast clear, we moved up to support the Lad's investigators who were under pressure from another zombie horde near the crypt.  We ended up in close combat against these shamblers, but emerged without loss in the end.

As we reached the crypt Willy the Wight lept forth - unfortunately for him we were stout non-girly types who all passed our resilience tests and gunned him down without mercy...
...and then looted his crypt of the strange idols and scrolls, which we will take back to the Library for the researchers (including Professor Calculus) to decypher.
The well detailed interior of the crypt - complete with chained coffin!
Overall a fun set of rules with easy to pick up mechanics.  The real strength seems to lie in the versatility of the rules and their use in running an ongoing campaign of investigators.  That would be great fun!


  1. looks like an interesting game. great scenery and figures.

  2. Looks amazing! i have been wanting to try out this game for about a year now.

  3. Looks like fun, the strange aeons models seem quite nice. I also have to say that a skirmish with Tintin et al is a fantastic idea.

  4. The scenery is absolutely wonderful! Well done on a great game!

  5. Looks great, I think Stange Aeons is one of those games that are perfect to play with kids and other "newbie" players. Not a lot of models, not too complicated rulesystem and always a lot of fun and crazy stuff going on to keep the high amount of interest amped up from beginning to end :-)

  6. Must give this a try. I like simple rules being more interested in playing than rules reading.

  7. Good game, good friends, good food... good stuff!

  8. Looks like you guys had a great adventure! Been looking at Strange Aeons for awhile now myself and may pick up the rules after Xmas, I was a bit let down that one of their first expansion book (magazines) is out of print now. Ugh!

  9. An excellent write-up. I'll check out Strange Aeons. Thanks for sharing.