14 November 2011

Musée de la Marine

While in France I chanced a visit to the French National Maritime Museum, which was well worth the trip.

For those who may be interested I've posted some pics of the museum's highlights, including some great warship models, at my VSF blog here:

The French ironclad Trident 


  1. I had a look earlier. The models are amazing. Trust you totally enjoying the trip.

  2. Very cool museum - the ship models alone are worth the trip.

    How did the family like Paris? Lucky for me, my wife isn't that big a fan of the "City of Lights" 'cause it can be a bit expensive!

  3. Hi Paul,

    Now that is the scale to naval wargame in!

    It looked brilliant and that is another reason for me to go to Paris!

    All the best,


  4. I'd like to visit there, perhaps next summer, this time without the Mrs!! Is that you in the pic??

  5. This is a nice museum. I remember visiting when I was 15... 16 years ago. The great thing is that it's not a famous museum, so there won't be too many visitors.