17 November 2011

Voyage à Paris

10,000 kms was a bit of a hike for just five days.  I really wanted to go for a bit longer and slip over to the UK for a bit, but it was a case of take it or leave it - so we took it and no regrets.  Essentially, my wife had 2 of those days working, so me and the Lad went exploring this lovely city.  Highlights included:

The Paris catacombs and its "Empire de la Morte" (http://www.ghostvillage.com/legends/2003/legends28_10042003.shtml)

The Pantheon, housing many famous Frenchies, including Voltaire, Jean of Arc and Madam Curee

The Rodin Museum with its famous works "The Thinker", "The Kiss" and the "Gates of Hell"
The boys deep in thought...
At the Gates of Hell: SWMBO told us to knock louder...
The d'Orsay Museum with its fantastic impressionist artwork, and next door the Musee Legion d'honneur (http://www.musee-legiondhonneur.fr/00_koama/visu_lh/index.asp?sid=320&lid=2)

No trip to Paris is complete without visiting the Louvre:

and of course there was the other usual touristy stuff to do in Paris:
Meeting L'Emperor!
The Obelisk at Concorde
Observing Paris from the Eiffel Tower
He tried the frog's legs, but left the snails for me
Midnight snacks to beat the jet-lag!

Atop Arc de Triomphe
We also frequented the Army and Maritime Museums, but they were so good (and I took so many photos) that those will get their own posts in due course.

On a hobby front we did manage to find a GW store in Paris, but sadly they didn't carry any Blood Bowl stuff (the Lad was most disappointed).  We had a good wander around though and bought some paint just to not leave empty handed!

Hard to read, but it sounds so much cooler in French!
And for our last day out we had fun at Paris Disneyland!

Overall, a great week away filled with great sights, good fun with the Lad and a ton (a metric tonne of course, being in France) of fatty, artery hardening cuisine! Yum!


  1. Good pics, good food and plenty of history, what could be better.

  2. Damm, looks like a blast! I would love to visit Paris and other spots across the pond! Your son is VERY lucky to have those expereinces.

  3. Sounds like fun thanks for sharing the pictures

  4. Nice pictures! looks like a great trip.
    But I think some of the pictures got mislabeled.. surely the wall of skulls is the Games Workshop location picture? ;)

  5. The catacombs must be so surreal... looks like you had a fun trip!

  6. Did you know there was a wargame shop near the GW store you found? Though mainly fantasy oriented, it also sells FOW stuff.
    Anyway, nice pictures, but please no more frog's legs. Please... We as French don't eat them... but the snails on the other hand... with a good butter and herbs sauce...

  7. The Catacombs are really cool, me and the mrs went down them, she hated it and frog (get it) marched me all the way through, no stops were allowed at all.

  8. That looks like a busy and fun week!!!

  9. I liked that Catacomb dungeon as well. So many bones. I liked that old church in Czech republic as well with all the bone sculptures. http://www.outsideprague.com/kutna_hora/bone_church.html
    Looks like a fun time on holidays.

  10. Looks like you packed a lot into a few days. I look forward to taking my comitatus to Paris one day.

  11. Very nice photos Paul. Great to see that you got in some good sights.

  12. Looks like a realy nice tripp to Paris, I might have to go there again...was almost 20 years ago sins the last time...

    Best regards Dalauppror