20 November 2011

Northbowl '11- Game 3

Time for another quick round of highlights of the Group North Northbowl Bloodbowl Resurretion Tournament. This week a special shout-out to Kaz's Mum, who is a regular follower of The Mancave ,especially as this week I played Kaz and her Vampire team :) As the two teams prepared to go onto the pitch (we were lucky enough to be playing in the Suut-Kase Stadium owned by the League Commissioner himself) the Dark ELves were drawn to a delicious smell from the Vampires dugout..and there, between the two teams was a Halfling chef, cooking up a storm! Unable to resist the temptation, my team gorged themselves foolishly on the delights the Halfling served up, and promptly lost a team reroll to the snickering Vampires (who had hired the Halfling for 300,000 gold for this express purpose...) After that little feast, we join the action shortly after kick off, as a round of Dark Elf blocking managed to punch a hole in the Vampire lines and free up my Blitzers and Star Player Hubris Rakarth to gang up on the luckless (and Thrall-less) Vampire in my half... Despite some rather judicious use of Hypnotic Gaze, my Blitzer was able to knock down the Vampire Ball carrier and run it in for the first TD...1-0 Dark Elves... But then the seductive power of the Vampires kicked in, as Kaz used her Vampires Hypnotic Gaze to paralysing effect, effectively neutralising all my defenders between the half way line and the Endzone...Touch Down Vampires.....1-1...... At Half-time, some of my more greedy players snuck over to the Halfling Chef's stall again and had themselves second helpings of his fare...once again sacrificing a Team Reroll to the Vampires. This time Kaz kicked off to me and I was set to put this one 2-1 ahead...after a clean pick up my Runner headed for the small gap the two blitzers had created in the Vampires line... The Runner made it all the way to 2 squares from the endzone when she was blitzed by a particularly aggressive and non-Twilight like Vampire, knocking the ball to within a square of the endzone..but fear not, Hubris Rakarth had followed the Runner down the pitch and was poised to blitz and recover the ball for an inevitable Touchdown.... ...except I hadn't counted on Hubris 'Little Thing' for girl Vampires...a Hypnotic Gaze was all it took to reduce the Dark Elf star blitzer to a drooling idiot and he totally ignored the ball for crucial seconds to allow the Vampires to scoop it up...luck was against Kaz however as the less agile Vampire tripped over as he tried to dodge out of another Dark Elves tackle Zone, spilling the ball behind a wall of thralls and Dark Elves.. Hubris regained his senses temporarily, only to be hynotised again by the same Vampire, as her Vampire lord boyfriend cam barreling across the field to blitz Hubris into the crowd..a jealous Vampire is a dangerous thing..... What folowed then was 6 turns of Hypno gazing ball carriers and potential tacklers,and Vampires who couldn't dodge to save themselves...the clock ran out and the final score was....1 all... Great game which kept going back and forth in the second half, amazing defence by Kaz and her Vampires, who held the ball within 1-2 squares of the Endzone for 6 turns straight despite many desperate attempts by the dark Elves to pick it up and score...and even poor heartless Hubris left the game a little heartbroken...... Slann next week....tune in then for a hopping good time! :)


  1. Nice report! very tense game at the end!

  2. I never remember to use Hypnotic Gaze when I play Vampires. I probably should...

  3. Nothing better than a down to the wire nail-biter (other than a down to the wire nail-biter you win of course) - nice work dude!

    And I think I would be susceptible to a little female vamp hypno-gaze too :-)