03 October 2011

Festival of the Boot

What a weekend!  2 Football Grand Finals, 4 Games of Blood Bowl and a trip to an Australian Sporting Mecca!

Sat - Lad and I had a great football festival at home - we set up the spare telly in the games room to watch the AFL Grand Final while we played Blood Bowl.  In fact we got 3 games in during the day and the girls even brought us pies and footy snacks - a good day indeed!  The only bummer was that my team made the final and played 3 great quarters of football.  The other team played four quarters of great football.  'Nuffle has spoken.
Gratuitous Man Cave Brewery product placement required by our sponsors. The Black Orc about to be hit by the Ogre died in the next turn...
Sun - a trip to the hallowed Melbourne Cricket Ground and the National Sports Museum.  Its the only day of the year that you can have a kick on the ground, which had hosted the AFL grand final the day before.  Then we went on a tour of all the cool spots of the ground (establ 1838) and the National Sports Museum.
View from the stands - MCG seating capacity is 100,016
The boys in the centre square
On the Trophy Dias
Delusions of Grandeur!
In the Apothecary!

The MCG Dugouts are a bit nicer than Bloodbowl ones...
Even more expensive than GW figures!
Then home (after listening to 2 episodes of the "3 Die Block" podcast during the day's transits) just in time to watch the National Rugby League Grand Final, while playing even more Blood Bowl and eating more pies!  Those over 18 had more amber coloured beverages too, which probably contributed to my eventual 3:0 loss in the last game of the day...
The Lad's snotling "Bruce the All-Mighty" is thrown successfully to score!
Let the good times roll!!!


  1. Looks like a great weekend thanks for all the pictures

  2. Awesome indeed, thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks like a fun filled weekend. Must've been a treat for the lad to get a kick on the field!

  4. Looks like a very enjoyable time Paul apart from the AFL final scoreline.

  5. That sounded and looked like a damn good day.

  6. I used to watch Aussie rules, when it was shown on TV in the UK, its a hell of a game! Your son looks like he really enjoyed himself.