03 June 2011

Viking Dawn Longships

As I get set to start building my Viking fleets, I am looking about for some inspiration and ideas on rigging - and so I found the following pics which were taken at Huzzah 2011.  This fantastic looking game was called "Viking Dawn" which was a Maine Historical Wargamers Association (MHWA) sponsored event.

Viking Dawn is our club invitational game for Huzzah! 2011 so come join the fun. Up to ten clubs from outside Maine will form an alliance and storm ashore with their Viking raiders to sack, pillage, and plunder our fair Saxon village. The Maine clubs will gather the brave scattered Saxon defenders to turn you back. Which of you will gather honours for your club? Prizes will be available for those meeting certain victory conditions, as well as points towards the Huzzah! helm (currently on display at The Hobby Bunker, engraved with BGBs 2010 win!).

Each club will be given the equivalent of two boxes of Vikings, from which to assemble and paint their units and command figures. You then bring the troops to Maine for Huzzah! and play in the game. At the end of the weekend, you keep the figures. It would be very cool if each club had their own longship as well. If you wish to buy and paint one, terrific. If you prefer, we can provide a ship that you can paint, but we'd plan to keep it at the end of the convention. Your call!

So...which clubs will take up the challenge? Who dares attack the Saxon village?
Viking Dawn; Let Saxons Quake in Terror!
from http://www.huzzahcon.com/?q=node/60

You can read more on the evolution of Viking Dawn at the online Wargames Illustrated articles here:

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  1. Great pics!! This is what has stopped me painting up my Longships that have been sitting in a draw for a couple of years....just how do you do the rigging??

  2. Wow, I am feeling this urge to buy dark age figures. Must resist, must resist......

  3. Ok, now I need to listen to some Amon Amarth, and paint a lot of northmen. Damn you.

  4. Good luck on your project we will be expecting in depth tutorials :)

    On a totally unrelated note what size bases do you like to base your 28mm Vikings/Saxons on and what do you use? Thanks!

  5. Ray - I've got some ideas and will make sure I document the trial and error. Actually, I'm planning at the moment to have two masts for each - sail set and sail furled. I saw that now though with not so much confidence!

    John - resistance is Futile!

    sevastofig - good man!

    Dan - will do. Currently our figs are not based, but instead on coloured tiddlywinks to differentiate which warband they belong to. I have just got some 20mm square base, however, made by GF( and which are already magetised. I'm planning to shift them all to those, which I can then use on a metal movement tray to use the same figs for a dark ages games of Hail Caeser.

    Its a work in progress anyhow, I seem to keep getting distracted by more terrain building projects! Not that its a bad thing...

  6. Wow even the water looks great