06 June 2011

1066 (and all that)

I've just finished watching '1066' which is a two part mini-series on the 3 battles which  took place in that year and shaped the future of England.  These being the Battles of Fulford Gate, Stamford Bridge and of course Hastings.

Overall I thought it was very well done and even though you know what is coming at Hastings, it really grabbed my interest all the way to the end.  Admittedly its a low budget job (don't expect any Peter Jackson style CGI wonders) but it is produced in an effective style like the Sharpe's Rifles series.  Its done primarily from a Saxon perspective, though there are some good Norse characters, and endeavours to show authentic Anglo-Saxon traditions, including their before-battle Mead Oath
I swear before this company, that I shall fight to the death for my King. If my King or my Lord shall die, I shall take his place, and fight as he would have fought. If any man here see me taken with weak heart, and run away, he shall remind me of this pledge, made here before my Kin.
Overall if the period interests you, you'll like this.  And there are also some great modelling ideas around the village with some very nice wattle/daub and timber constructions shown.

Another review and some scene stills are here:

Otherwise this has seemed like the Longest Day hasn't it? (yes shocking pun, but it had to be said!)


  1. Thx for the review. Will be visiting Hastings in August and this will be nice to watch before I go.

  2. Thanks. I will have to get a copy . Looks and sounds like a "must watch".

  3. It's a cracking little series, though anyonre from outside the UK might struggle to understand the particularly thick "saxon"/southern england accents.
    My only complaint - the Saxons all convientantly had shields painted one colour and the Normans another. Not very realistic but I suppose it did help viewers keep track of who was who in the battle scenes.

  4. Someone outside of the Uk might have difficulty understanding the thick southern english accents!!? :-D
    I´ll have to get hold of a copy of this. They had a prog on he battle of Fulford gate on radio 4 recently.

  5. Might have to hunt this one down.