25 June 2011

Dropping in For a Slash.....

In answer to Paul's question,my drop pods were the star performer in my first game with them, dropping in early on Turn 2 next to an objective (gotta love that Hive Mind targeting control) and disgorging the Tyranid Warriors straight into the thick of it...the Ripper Tentacles on top had a field day hacking into any Guardsmen that strayed too close... The second pod dropped in on turn 4 and unloaded 15 screaming Termagaunts armed with 3-shot Devourers right into the thick of it....the Ripper Tentacles on the pod managed to tear a hole in the nearby Imperial Guard Hellhound , stunning the crew for a turn (well, you would be)...sadly it felt the full force of nearly every IG Lasgun the following turn, and collapsed in on itself, huge holes torn through it.. Will be a few more weeks before their next encounter during which time I might even paint them......any tips on what colour the ooze should be? My base colour for the pods is dark red....

1 comment:

  1. Nice one mate! Massed flashlights are nothing to sneeze at eh? :-)

    I reckon a nice pussy yellow would contrast well with the red base colour.